FAX BOMB! Contact your Senator. Tell them NO GOVERNMENT BAILOUT

October 1, 2008





Senator Arlen Specter (Business Fax) Senator Arlen Specter@+1 (202) 228-1229

Senator Barbara Boxer (Business Fax) Senator Barbara Boxer@+1 (415) 956-6701

Senator Barbara Mikulski (Business Fax) Senator Barbara Mikulski@+1 (202) 224-8858

Senator Ben Nelson (Business Fax) Senator Ben Nelson@+1 (202) 228-0012

Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell (Business Fax) Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell@+1 (202) 228-4609

Senator Bill Frist (Business Fax) Senator Bill Frist@+1 (202) 228-1264

Senator Bill Nelson (Business Fax) Senator Bill Nelson@+1 (202) 228-2183

Senator Blanche Lincoln (Business Fax) Senator Blanche Lincoln@+1 (202) 228-1371

Senator Bob Graham (Business Fax) Senator Bob Graham@+1 (202) 224-2237

Senator Byron Dorgan (Business Fax) Senator Byron Dorgan@+1 (202) 224-1193

Senator Carl Levin (Business Fax) Senator Carl Levin@+1 (202) 224-1388

Senator Charles Grassley (Business Fax) Senator Charles Grassley@+1 (202) 224-6020

Senator Charles Schumer (Business Fax) Senator Charles Schumer@+1 (202) 228-3027

Senator Christopher Bond (Business Fax) Senator Christopher Bond@+1 (202) 224-8149

Senator Christopher Dodd (Business Fax) Senator Christopher Dodd@+1 (202) 224-2823

Senator Chuck Hagel (Business Fax) Senator Chuck Hagel@+1 (202) 224-5213

Senator Conrad Burns (Business Fax) Senator Conrad Burns@+1 (202) 224-8594

Senator Craig Thomas (Business Fax) Senator Craig Thomas@+1 (202) 224-1724

Senator Daniel Akaka (Business Fax) Senator Daniel Akaka@+1 (202) 224-2126

Senator Daniel Inouye (Business Fax) Senator Daniel Inouye@+1 (202) 224-6747

Senator Debbie Stabenow (Business Fax) Senator Debbie Stabenow@+1 (202) 228-0325

Senator Dianne Feinstein (Business Fax) Senator Dianne Feinstein@+1 (202) 228-3954

Senator Don Nickles (Business Fax) Senator Don Nickles@+1 (202) 224-6008

Senator Edward Kennedy (Business Fax) Senator Edward Kennedy@+1 (202) 224-2417

Senator Elizabeth Dole (Business Fax) Senator Elizabeth Dole@+1 (202) 224-1100

Senator Ernest Hollings (Business Fax) Senator Ernest Hollings@+1 (202) 224-4293

Senator Evan Bayh (Business Fax) Senator Evan Bayh@+1 (202) 228-1377

Senator Frank Lautenberg (Business Fax) Senator Frank Lautenberg@+1 (202) 228-4054

Senator George Allen (Business Fax) Senator George Allen@+1 (202) 224-5432

Senator George Voinovich (Business Fax) Senator George Voinovich@+1 (202) 228-1382

Senator Gordon Smith (Business Fax) Senator Gordon Smith@+1 (202) 228-3997

Senator Harry Reid (Business Fax) Senator Harry Reid@+1 (202) 224-7327

Senator Herbert Kohl (Business Fax) Senator Herbert Kohl@+1 (202) 224-9787

Senator Jack Reed (Business Fax) Senator Jack Reed@+1 (202) 224-4680

Senator James Inhofe (Business Fax) Senator James Inhofe@+1 (202) 228-0380

Senator James Jeffords (Business Fax) Senator James Jeffords@+1 (202) 228-0776

Senator Jeff Bingaman (Business Fax) Senator Jeff Bingaman@+1 (202) 224-2852

Senator Jeff Sessions (Business Fax) Senator Jeff Sessions@+1 (202) 224-3149

Senator Jim Bunning (Business Fax) Senator Jim Bunning@+1 (202) 228-1373

Senator Jim Talent (Business Fax) Senator Jim Talent@+1 (202) 228-1518

Senator John Breaux (Business Fax) Senator John Breaux@+1 (202) 228-2577

Senator John Cornyn (Business Fax) Senator John Cornyn@+1 (202) 228-2856

Senator John Edwards (Business Fax) Senator John Edwards@+1 (202) 228-1374

Senator John Ensign (Business Fax) Senator John Ensign@+1 (202) 228-2193

Senator John Kerry (Business Fax) Senator John Kerry@+1 (202) 224-8525

Senator John McCain (Business Fax) Senator John McCain@+1 (202) 228-2862

Senator John Rockefeller IV (Business Fax) Senator John Rockefeller IV@+1 (202) 224-7665

Senator John Sununu (Business Fax) Senator John Sununu@+1 (202) 228-4131

Senator John Warner (Business Fax) Senator John Warner@+1 (202) 224-6295

Senator Jon Corzine (Business Fax) Senator Jon Corzine@+1 (202) 228-2197

Senator Jon Kyl (Business Fax) Senator Jon Kyl@+1 (202) 224-2207

Senator Joseph Biden Jr. (Business Fax) Senator Joseph Biden Jr.@+1 (202) 224-0139

Senator Joseph Lieberman (Business Fax) Senator Joseph Lieberman@+1 (202) 224-9750

Senator Judd Gregg (Business Fax) Senator Judd Gregg@+1 (202) 224-4952

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (Business Fax) Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison@+1 (202) 224-0776

Senator Kent Conrad (Business Fax) Senator Kent Conrad@+1 (202) 224-7776

Senator Lamar Alexander (Business Fax) Senator Lamar Alexander@+1 (202) 228-3398

Senator Larry Craig (Business Fax) Senator Larry Craig@+1 (202) 228-1067

Senator Lincoln Chafee (Business Fax) Senator Lincoln Chafee@+1 (202) 228-2853

Senator Lindsey Graham (Business Fax) Senator Lindsey Graham@+1 (202) 224-3808

Senator Lisa Murkowski (Business Fax) Senator Lisa Murkowski@+1 (202) 224-5301

Senator Maria Cantwell (Business Fax) Senator Maria Cantwell@+1 (202) 228-0514

Senator Mark Dayton (Business Fax) Senator Mark Dayton@+1 (202) 228-2186

Senator Mark Pryor (Business Fax) Senator Mark Pryor@+1 (202) 228-0908

Senator Mary Landrieu (Business Fax) Senator Mary Landrieu@+1 (202) 224-9735

Senator Max Baucus (Business Fax) Senator Max Baucus@+1 (202) 224-4700

Senator Michael Enzi (Business Fax) Senator Michael Enzi@+1 (202) 228-0359

Senator Mike Crapo (Business Fax) Senator Mike Crapo@+1 (202) 228-1375

Senator Mike DeWine (Business Fax) Senator Mike DeWine@+1 (202) 224-6519

Senator Mitch McConnell (Business Fax) Senator Mitch McConnell@+1 (202) 224-2499

Senator Norm Coleman (Business Fax) Senator Norm Coleman@+1 (202) 224-1152

Senator Olympia Snowe (Business Fax) Senator Olympia Snowe@+1 (202) 224-1946

Senator Orrin Hatch (Business Fax) Senator Orrin Hatch@+1 (202) 224-6331

Senator Pat Roberts (Business Fax) Senator Pat Roberts@+1 (202) 224-4774

Senator Patrick Leahy (Business Fax) Senator Patrick Leahy@+1 (202) 224-3479

Senator Patty Murray (Business Fax) Senator Patty Murray@+1 (202) 224-0238

Senator Paul Sarbanes (Business Fax) Senator Paul Sarbanes@+1 (202) 224-1651

Senator Pete Domenici (Business Fax) Senator Pete Domenici@+1 (202) 228-0900

Senator Peter Fitzgerald (Business Fax) Senator Peter Fitzgerald@+1 (202) 228-1372

Senator Richard Durbin (Business Fax) Senator Richard Durbin@+1 (202) 228-0400

Senator Richard Lugar (Business Fax) Senator Richard Lugar@+1 (202) 228-0360

Senator Richard Shelby (Business Fax) Senator Richard Shelby@+1 (202) 224-3416

Senator Rick Santorum (Business Fax) Senator Rick Santorum@+1 (202) 228-0604

Senator Robert Bennett (Business Fax) Senator Robert Bennett@+1 (202) 228-1168

Senator Robert Byrd (Business Fax) Senator Robert Byrd@+1 (202) 228-0002

Senator Ron Wyden (Business Fax) Senator Ron Wyden@+1 (202) 228-2717

Senator Russ Feingold (Business Fax) Senator Russ Feingold@+1 (202) 224-2725

Senator Sam Brownback (Business Fax) Senator Sam Brownback@+1 (202) 228-1265

Senator Saxby Chambliss (Business Fax) Senator Saxby Chambliss@+1 (202) 224-0103

Senator Susan Collins (Business Fax) Senator Susan Collins@+1 (202) 224-2693

Senator Ted Stevens (Business Fax) Senator Ted Stevens@+1 (202) 224-2354

Senator Thad Cochran (Business Fax) Senator Thad Cochran@+1 (202) 224-9450

Senator Thomas Carper (Business Fax) Senator Thomas Carper@+1 (202) 228-2190

Senator Thomas Daschle (Business Fax) Senator Thomas Daschle@+1 (202) 224-6603

Senator Tim Johnson (Business Fax) Senator Tim Johnson@+1 (202) 228-5765

Senator Tom Harkin (Business Fax) Senator Tom Harkin@+1 (202) 224-9369

Senator Trent Lott (Business Fax) Senator Trent Lott@+1 (202) 224-2262

Senator Wayne Allard (Business Fax) Senator Wayne Allard@+1 (202) 224-6471

Senator Zell Miller (Business Fax) Senator Zell Miller@+1 (202) 228-2090


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October 1, 2008

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